NYC4CEDAW seeks (volunteer) ARTISTS4CEDAW!

NYC for CEDAW is a secret society of plainclothes superheroes working for freedom and safety for NYC’s women & girls. To create fundamental, structural change, we aim to get the mayor and city council to create and pass a city ordinance based on CEDAW’s articles.

As far as city laws go, ordinances are a rather big deal – which is the whole point – and getting one passed takes widespread support from politicians, organizations, .

That’s where you come in, talented artist.

We need to make CEDAW compelling to We The People and our elected officials: with humor, stories, realities, and style.

So NYC4CEDAW seeks to build a coalition of artists & illustrators to help us explain CEDAW to NYC: demonstrating the issues and what a CEDAW ordinance can change .

The finished products will be a serial webcomic, 1-3 panels each comic: about what it is, why it’s needed, and how it can benefit the women and girls (and guys too!) of New York City.

Each comic in the series will focus on each of the CEDAW articles, beginning with Article 1 (Definition of discrimination against girls and women: directly or indirectly treating girls and women differently from boys and men in a way which prevents them from enjoying their rights). We aim to produceĀ  comics from a variety of artists and perspectives, and would love to work with you!

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